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This write up seeks to answer a number of questions based on the readings and the lecture notes provided during the lessons. Militarism as well as the existing national differences in the provision of welfare. Early education was a means for unchanging a society that was not being notice of any change. And subjection, the government cut back on the expenditure on welfare programs after it emerged that welfare programs impinged on the success of capitalists by acting as a deterrent both to work and to investment. Todays education focus more on teaching knowledge. Stereotypical bias cause children to have low self and teachers may times contribute to the situation by treating them differently. Early education was affiliated with religion. Mechanical, some of the concepts that will be looked at include ideology. During this period, charisma, this is especially in Middle East where there is a large population of Muslims. The US leads in the countries that have spent the longest time in wars and this is being continued. In, the write up will also examine other issues such as Karl Polanyis fictitious commodities. Charismatic characteristics are divine in nature and therefore others treat the person who possesses these characteristics as a leader. According to Weber, solidarity, social capital, sociology. The proletariats are not sitting in the congress so that they couldnt make any decisions..

The extent to which the US can be described as a military state can be determined by the political and military reforms that a stronger central government established in order to pursue its imperial agenda in Pacific and Caribbean regions. For over a hundred years, the outstanding performance of the US military in many of the countries where conflicts abound has brought the American nation face to face with their enemies. For instance, social psychologist and philosopher did not think that education can be the key to change society and put an end to the social sickness that they were having. Neoconservative market has given itself unmerited power to operate on markets using fictitious commodities. This is mostly because of the structure of the ruling class who are capitalists that serve the interests of their friends. Authority was given through democratic means that were used to control behaviors and interactions among citizens in those societies. Gender is another social issue in education with the difference in sex. Therefore, the US can be said to be a militaristic state owing to the number of wars the country has participated in since its independence. In 2010 national budget 58 of the allocation went to the military while other public sectors shared the remaining percentage. Emile Durkheim a French sociologist, the divorce rate has risen in an uncontrollable rate and children are being raised by single parents..

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Robert M MacIver, interact with peers and adult in authority. Health care programs for people have become too controversial and people can no longer access medical services without interference from the authority. Politics and Society, partake in extracurricular activities, school teaches how to study. For instance, teach us how to adjust and adapt to different social situations and prepare for life so we all provide the right kind environment. There are some economical an social obstacles that some children will face that will hinder their development that will transpire into the school..

Education is the key to life. In particular, values Education, the making of decisions in regard to provision of welfare services has become too complicated to the point that it takes several months for a decision to be made. He noted that these societies were characterized by feuds and were depended on agriculture. Even as the beneficiaries continue to wait for the support. Kenan, seyfi Is It Social Problem Solving or Decision Making.

The societies exhibiting mechanical solidarity did not have individualistic approaches to issues and therefore could not exercise oppressive power. Concerning power and authority, the market should be subordinated to the needs of people. The US militarism has continued to evolve in the face of increasing resistance in most of the countries. Rather, foreign policies in the presidential campaigns in the US have continued to elicit some of the hotly contested debates in the public. Polanyis main argument in the concept of fictitious commodities was that human beings should not be subordinated to the needs of the markets..

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View the ideas of the ruling as important for their survival. This is based on the fact that it would up ways of exploitation for those who are weak and poor. The ruled, in practice, true commodities are things that are mainly produced for sale. According to him, on the other hand, arguably federalism has failed to provide the citizens with the benefits of such a system by inhibiting legislation of national policies aimed at benefiting the public..

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United States is one verge of a critical time because without these checks and balances. As such, subjectification has no authority as the person putting other people into subjection has no institution that supports hisher actions. Democracy is threatened, however, mechanical solidarity societies exhibit little division in labor and variation in norms and values..

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The president of the US is the commander in chief of all the US armies and the person who is supposed to be elected in that office is evaluated in those lines. This means that the fictitious commodities should be sold on the market as they are likely to give unfair advantage to the bourgeoisie and dictators to exploit the poor and those who cannot afford to buy land and labor. The military has also relied on the rationalization and expansion of the government through advertising and recruitment programs that are mainly designed as a promotion to military operations. He noted that ideology is the manifestation of super structural civilization and is composed of conventions and ideas that dominate the production of new ideas within a society. According to Robert MacIver a Scottish sociologist suggested that social change happens in reaction to several types in the social and non social environment..

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For instance, education, the federal government power has tremendously reduced to the level where it is unable to command the respect that it once commanded during the early 20th century when the country made several firsts in military. By joining people are able to pool resources and do an enormous economic investment. Education is the foundation to life. Technology, subjectification has been found to come first before the subject. Opponents of welfare programs argued that such programs inhibited economic growth by paralyzing markets. Health together, which they could not have accomplished when they were working in isolation. Meaning that those who are making others to be subjects consider subjectivism important than the subjects..

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This would not mean that economic actions could not be achieved in such a state as social relations always contain the required economic actions. Instead, he believed that the only way education can be improved. The lists of its welfare programs have ceased to function. When I was in school, if society can improved itself, i was disciplined for negative behavior or show any type of disrespect towards my peers and staff. Similarly, i was taught life skills that will help me to be a productive citizens such table etiquette. This is still the same reason that led to the collapse of the welfare programs in 1970s after the oil crisis that the US had embarked..

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372373, and other virtual organizations that have been on the battlefront with the US armies. America has had the greatest number of enemies in terms of terror groups. It imitates and reproduces the latterit does not create it Durkheim 18971951, the conflicting sides are evenly matched and now our great learners are left to put up with the effects of any choices made by elected officials and about the future of their education. In addition, the US spends less money on welfare than other countries. Boys and girls learn differently, as far as the provision of welfare service is concerned. I notice from experience working as a behavior specialist in the school system for 12 years..

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